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This isn’t a blog.

Sure it might look like one, but nobody’s blogging here. Oh, sure I might post some stuff here every once in a while – some writing, or some random thoughts – but it isn’t a blog.

Really! That would imply something regular. And the only thing I do regularly is… wait, that would be too personal. Something more like a blog. But this isn’t a blog.

I mean, I have things on here about work. Does that make it a portfolio? No. It’s not that either. If I wanted to make something like that, I would have an accordion or a slideshow or something here. And what do I have? Just a lonely image and a bit of nonsensical text.

Go figure.


A Flash Poor Book

The Flash era is over for me! I loved it for so long. It was THE answer to a lot of cross-browser issues. But it had to be played with a plugin, which wasn't so bad until Adobe took over and sucked all the fun out of it. And then a bunch of hackers found ways to...

Buddypress Autocomplete in “Message To” Field

The Search is On I've been trying to figure out how to get private messaging to work in BuddyPress, so that it actually makes sense. I've got users from all over Europe who want to connect with each other, and they don't want to have to first navigate to users list,...

Increase File Upload Limits with .htaccess

Copy and paste this into the top of your .htaccess file (at the root of your Wordpress installation). #php limits:php_value upload_max_filesize 64Mphp_value post_max_size 64Mphp_value max_execution_time 300php_value max_input_time...

Visual Art

create or diy (ongoing)

(a stenciled message to all those who need to do more of what they do) it goes on bikes that are broken down in the city. if they have an orange tag on them, then they're fair game. eventually the city takes the bikes and fixes them up to sell at auction. then the...

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Infinity Room (2011)

shown at the Frise Künstlerhaus in Hamburg, Germany. people enjoyed walking back and forth through this piece, the spectators creating the artwork in the moment. imagine being able to look into the past. just like your memories, the further you go back, the blurrier...

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Over the Yangtze River

Over the Yangtze River. on a trip to china in the fall of 2011, i took this video hanging over this body of water that flows through chongqing. it was the last video i was able to export before my iMac went...

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Challenging expectations

Kind of playing with stereotypes... "No no no. Wait. Stop. Don't give him any of your hard earned money. That's yours. You did the work for it." The beggar shifted slightly but showed o sign that he heard or was the least bit affected by sudden outburst from my...

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Generate something new

I'm way behind in my Fiction Class. Have been dealing with my own demons, and angels, since my best friend from High School passed away a few weeks ago. At first I was able to continue, but then found myself having to write some other things before I could continue...

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