Allan J. Dorr

Allan J. Dorr

Self-employed potential trillionaire

Language is my passion.
I’ve been doing this since 1997. Everything from art lectures, poetry and film scripts to websites and business presentations. All of these things have the desire to be translated in the best possible way, by the most qualified person. Someone who has a passion for the language, and will smooth out your translation until all the wrinkles are eliminated. You need someone like me.

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Short Info and Disclaimer

For your information, translated prices vary and are most certainly negotiable, based on subject, vocabulary and the “need for speed”. Generally they are between 83¢ and €1.30 per 55 characters.

all materials on this website are copyright, Allan J. Dorr, unless otherwise stated. rest assured, the content is supposed to be up to date and available. nonetheless, there is no guarantee that everything is 100% correct at all times on all these pages. so please don’t sue us.