shown at the Frise Künstlerhaus in Hamburg, Germany. people enjoyed walking back and forth through this piece, the spectators creating the artwork in the moment.

imagine being able to look into the past. just like your memories, the further you go back, the blurrier it all gets. but see how we can only talk about time as if it is a physical distance. we don’t really have the vocabulary to efficiently express what we mean about time. we just aren’t equipped to understand it. the reason for this, is that the only time that exists is right now. this is what the instant feedback of the “infinity room” does: it makes the participant pay more attention to the here and now.

Infinity Room Sample.

the distance to the past can be imagined through a set of mirrors. here the artist puts a twist on the familiar infiniteness of dual reflection, using a closed-circuit webcam recording a projection of itself. since this method uses technology with delay, the large screen displays a tail of events into the past, as far as the computer can render them. old events become blurry and eventually covered by new images. and if nothing happens for long enough, the wobbling light makes it feel like you’re looking directly into the origin of the stars.