I’m way behind in my Fiction Class. Have been dealing with my own demons, and angels, since my best friend from High School passed away a few weeks ago. At first I was able to continue, but then found myself having to write some other things before I could continue here.

So the last assignment I was on:

Try to start something new – different from the character sketch and the story prompted by the radio. At least 200 words.

Her eyes flit away when anyone looks at here. Hands behind her back making her elbows become wings, she adjusts her skirt, looks around, and forgetting her circumstances tries to move her hands up toward her hair. She pauses as she remembers what Mama always said to her after their long brushing sessions: “Your hair’s perfect. Don’t touch it.”

Managing a smile without actually moving her lips, she then seems to settle like a butterfly finally landing on a flower after at first having skirted around it in confusion. Her body neatly takes up its form of the chair.

The suited man and woman behind the desk glance down at some pages in front of them. Were those her previous records, she wondered? Her grades? Her athletic performance?

They don’t bother to compare the picture in the files they’re staring at to the figure in front of them, so they fail to notice that she has become much thinner, frail; and dressed in her white gown, now less like a swan and more like a stork, her bare legs angling out from the chair and toward the floor.

She considers breaking out into song. That would really shake them up. Show them some talents they aren’t expecting: Tap dance, twerk. Hey, maybe she’d even get a weak laugh.

But her restraints kind of put a damper on any of those daydreams. Though her attention is momentarily distracted from the shackles on her wrists as she imagines the things she could do to surprise them. Alas, the wet rag in her mouth would present a decent sized obstacle to the singing. Or screaming, which is probably what they expect.

She prays for them to take it out, so she can finally give them the message.