Writing assignment 3: Comparing your characters

Go back to your character sketch and add any elements – for instance, details of appearance or behaviour – which you think might bring the character to life for your reader.

Henrietta couldn’t help but be amused at the other’s frustration. She fluffed her stiff bob of Tytanium® Blonde which gave one the impression that a very natural looking head of hair just did something too unnatural for her – like a hat tipping when someone just nudges the side of it, and then snapping back into place as if to shout out its existence.
Then she stood there, her arms crossed, telling some unrelated story about a kid walking home alone on a dark night. All the time making it sound like it could have an ending, or even find a breath where he could ask a question – then it would suddenly cut and be over and his mind was empty.
With her knowing smile, she could outstare and outmaneuver any conflict. That is, if she wasn’t able to disarm him with her orderly, yet sexy good looks. She’d worn the midi-skirt for goodness’ sake. Surely she’d be able to convince him why a million of the bank’s Euros in her pocket would be a great career move for him.
He wouldn’t ask her what she needed it for, and by golly, by the time he went to bed that night, she was certain, he’d have even turned his memories of her into just a blur of shiny hair and that sweet other-worldy scent.