Make way for the generation
of contradictions;
of money without work
and work without recompense.
The American dream
meagerly spread
on British biscuits
no longer
to Caucasian heirs.
Fact is you’re poorer
than you think
and richer than your neighbor’s
Every morning
you wrap your neck
in that tie
to show you’re superior;
to show your superiors
that they are welcome
to hang you
for your lagging
Or else
you ask them
on your knees
pleading with them
to slowly strangle you
until the house
(you thought you owned)
is repossessed
and you are expected
to work
an extra shift
an extra job
an extra lifetime
your molars
to dust.
Send your precious thoughts
(because you don’t get paid for thinking!)
to a grave
marked before you were conceived
with your name
and the epitaph:
“One day here will lie
the debts
of the unborn,
but we shall love him
at least until his children’s
children’s bankrupt
ashes lie
And you hurtle
toward this stone,
bashing your head
against any other solid form
which makes the slightest
indication of becoming
an obstacle.
You pump yourself
full of preservatives
full of anti-depressants
to keep from falling
before your time
into the forever sleep,
full of clonazepam
because finally
the coffee and clomipramine
have kicked in.
If you dream anything,
it’s probably of washing
the same porcelain,
sweeping the same
as you have been
all your life long
and into the dementia
of foggy retirement.
The night and day
are no different.
In other words:
You keep on running
against the same
wireless walls
or talking to them
instead of resting;
the meter
at only one bar,
and everyone’s still
calling you
for more.
Screaming out your name
as you sleep.
Ringing and ringing.
Until you have
nothing but angels’ songs
for earworms.
A calm overcomes you.
The clamoring,
the yearning
for your attention
You wonder if
you are already
your Eulogy.
But look up to see
you’ve found the eye
of the storm.
In the deep ocean,
while all around
the thunder continues.
Volcanoes erupt.
shake the foundations,
but you have found
some deeper seismology
in a world
that is trying
to shake you back
into the ground.